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Consulting Services Designed for Your Business Needs

Your organization receives customized service from over 25 years of experience with Pratt Consultants.

FRANCINE PRATT has exceptional experience in project management, team building/conflict resolution and group facilitation with excellent communication skills. She has a strong background in strategic planning and business process reengineering with proven results in financial effectiveness and increased performance.  Pratt is an accomplished staff development specialist and customer service/program improvement trainer who emphasizes individual employee initiative with teambuilding in order to foster positive workplace environments that result in increased employee creativity, confidence and productivity.

H. WES PRATT, J.D. is an attorney with a background in employment law and is an accomplished administrator with nearly two decades experience in leading governmental, corporate and non-profit corporate organizations with an emphasis on program design and development. He has specialized expertise in vocational, career training and the education of young adults. Pratt is an excellent public speaker whose exemplary communication skills has motivated hundreds of people to excel and optimize educational, career and vocational training opportunities.

Francine and Wes Pratt are both certified Diversity Trainers.

Pratt Consultants is certified as a MBE.

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